2nd Online Seminar

EESTech Challenge Online Seminars are coming back with the 2nd Online Lecture. This lecture is the follow – up of the 1st Online Seminar and offers you deeper knowledge on Supervised Machine learning and its applications for Object detection.

The 2nd Online Seminar broadcasted on Saturday 18th of February, 18:00 CET and will cover the main topics of:

  • Linear classifiers for object detection
  • Application to vehicles detection by vision

The lecturer of the course is Daniel Törtei. Daniel has a Bachelor and Master in Computation and Control Engineering, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and he has successfully acquired his Ph.D. degree in embedded systems and robotics. Through his studying and working years, he has acquired experience in machine learning, computer vision and has worked on several programming languages, including C, VHDL, Matlab, Java, C++.

You can watch the 2nd Online Seminar here:

​Note that although this is an online course, it will also allow interactivity between the attendees and the lecturer, providing the ability to ask questions at the end of the Seminar.

In case you missed the 1st Online Seminar or you want to refresh your knowledge, you can view it at EESTEC Youtube Channel!